What’s one of the first things you buy for your dog when you bring them home? That’s right, a collar.

There are thousands of different collars out there that you can purchase for your pooch, but they’re not all created equal. Read on to learn more about some of the best dog collars that are functional and comfortable. You’ll also find some tips that will help you choose a great collar that fits your dog’s needs.

Top 9 Best Dog Collars

There are tons of great dog collars that you can use to maintain control of your dog without sacrificing their comfort. Here are 9 of the best ones you might want to purchase:

1. Perri’s Black Padded Leather Dog Collar

Perri's Black Padded Leather Dog Collar

Perri’s Black Padded Leather Dog Collar is one of the best leather dog collars that you can buy.

This comfortable, padded collar is available in a variety of sizes and is made from dyed lambskin leather by Amish craftsmen. It’s strong and durable, perfect for active dogs and owners who don’t want to have to constantly replace cheap leashes (or deal with the dangers of a leash breaking while they’re out and about with their pup). 

Perri’s Black Padded Leather collar comes in a variety of colors and provides a stylish pop that contrasts with any dog’s coat. It also features sleek and sturdy stainless steel hardware and is compatible with nearly all standard leashes, making it a very versatile choice.

2. Blazin’ Safety LED USB Rechargeable Nylon Dog Collar

Blazin' Safety LED USB Rechargeable Nylon Dog Collar

If you want to make sure your dog is always visible, even during nighttime walks, this rechargeable LED nylon collar from Blazin’ Safety is a great option. It’s available in both green and blue and comes in sizes ranging from x-small to large. 

This collar comes with three different light settings (on, bink, and strobe) and ensures your pet is visible from up to 350 yards. It also features a USB port and can be charged from nearly any device, so you never have to worry about the lights not working when you need them the most.

3. PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar with Charger

PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar with Charger

For those who need to keep track of their pets but don’t have a traditional fence around their yard, this PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar is the perfect solution. It’ll make it easy for you to make sure your dog stays safe and is able to spend time outside without wandering too far from the house.

This collar charges in 2-3 hours and is waterproof, lightweight, and ergonomic. It can fit necks ranging from 6 inches all the way up to 26 inches and comes with four different levels of static correction, so it’s easy to choose an option that works well for your dog. It also features a tone-only mode that’s perfect for training.

4. Merry Jane & Thor GangstaMutt Wag Swag Polyester Dog Collar

Merry Jane & Thor GangstaMutt Wag Swag Polyester Dog Collar

Why settle for some plain collar for your dog when they can have a fun print that helps them stand out and will make them the envy of all the pups at the park?

This polyester dog collar from Merry Jane & Thor is an excellent choice for stylish dogs and dog owners. It features a unique graffiti-inspired design and an antique bronze-finished buckle.

The collar comes in sizes ranging from x-small to large and is stitched and riveted to ensure long-lasting durability. You can also purchase a matching leash if you want.

5. Pendleton Rocky Mountain National Park Nylon Dog Collar

Pendleton Rocky Mountain National Park Nylon Dog Collar

For larger dogs, it can sometimes be tricky finding a collar that is a good fit. If you have an extra-large dog (with a 22-26 inch neck) and are fed up with too-small collars, consider this nylon Rocky Mountain National Park collar from Pendleton.

This collar comes in a variety of sizes and is a favorite among large and extra-large dog owners. Its design was inspired by the colors of Rocky Mountain National Park, and it’s made by Amish craftsmen. The collar features high-quality nylon webbing and has an antique brass D-ring that will securely hold any leash in place.

6. Wigzi Nylon Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar

Wigzi Nylon Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar

Wigzi’s nylon reflective dog collar is one of the best waterproof collars on the market today. It’s available in a variety of bright colors and comes in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 26 inches.

This collar is also odor-proof in addition to being waterproof. Your dog can wear it on all kinds of outdoor adventures without carrying any unpleasant smells home afterward. 

7. Blueberry Pet 3M Striped Reflective Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet 3M Multi-Colored Stripe Polyester Reflective Dog Collar

The Blueberry Pet 3M Multi-Colored Stripe color is another good option if you want your dog to be visible at all times without necessarily wearing a light-up collar. It’s made of polyester webbing with 3M reflective stripes woven right in for easy nighttime visibility. 

This collar is not stretchy, but it comes in a variety of sizes, as well as several different color schemes. With so many choices, it’s easy to find a collar that your dog will love, and that works well with their (and your) lifestyle.

8. Euro-Dog Traditional Leather Dog Collar

Euro-Dog Traditional Leather Dog Collar

The Euro-Dog leather collar is another one of the best collars for larger dogs. It even comes in an XX-large size, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find an option that fits your dog comfortably.

This collar is available in several neutral colors, making it an excellent selection for male and female dogs. It’s also made from full-grain American leather with a high-quality European steel buckle, so you can feel confident that it’ll last for years of walks and trips to the dog park.

9. GoTags Personalized Nylon Dog Collar

GoTags Personalized Nylon Dog Colla

Why purchase dog tags when you can purchase one of the best personalized dog collars for your pup? A personalized dog collar ensures that, should your dog escape, they can get returned to you as quickly as possible, without someone having to try and decipher the tiny print on a dog tag.

This collar from GoTags is available in a variety of colors and is made from soft but durable nylon. You can have it embroidered with your dog’s name and your phone number in one of 14 different colors, so it’s easy to choose a combination that matches your preferences and your pet’s unique personality.

Why Choose a Collar?

A common question that new dog owners ask is whether they should choose a collar or a harness. Both collars and harnesses have benefits, but many people prefer to use a collar when they first start working with their dog. There are lots of reasons for this, including the following:

Increased Comfort

For many dogs, a collar is more comfortable than a harness. This makes sense when you stop and think about it. After all, a collar is just one strip of material, whereas a harness features several strips that wrap around your dog’s body and can feel restrictive (at least in the beginning). 

More Control

There are certain types of collars that help with control and obedience training. If you have a rambunctious dog or a very large dog, this kind of collar can be a good choice that helps you to establish good habits, provide clear communication, and prevent serious behavior problems. 

Easier Sizing

It’s easier to measure a collar and get a precise fit, too. With harnesses, unless they’re adjustable, you’ll sometimes have a hard time finding one that fits just right, and it might be too big in some places or too snug in others. When you purchase a collar, you just have to make sure it fits around your dog’s neck. 

best dog collars

What to Look for in the Best Dog Collar

When it comes to caring for your dog and maintaining control over them, a collar can be a great option. How do you decide which type of collar to buy, though?

Here are some important factors to consider when you start shopping for a collar:

  • Get the right size (measures your dog around the neck, then add two inches)
  • Pick a material that will comfortable for your dog (leather and nylon are good picks)
  • Consider obedience-training styles like fence receiver collars or prong collars if necessary
  • Choose a durable option that will last a long time
  • Consider a waterproof collar if your dog likes to swim and spend time outdoors

Don’t forget to think about your budget, too. Collars are available in a wide range of prices, so it’s easy to find one that meets your dog’s needs and preferences and is still affordable.  

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