Looking for the best dog crates to keep your furry friend safe, comfortable, and happy? We’re sharing our 8 favorites here!

You don’t want your dog’s crate to feel like a punishment for your pooch. Their crate is like their den; it’s their safe, private space within your home and on the move, so it needs to feel that way.

The best dog crates provide enough light, ventilation, and comfort to make sure that the crate is a comfortable place for your dog.

A comfortable, welcoming crate will also make crate training your dog much easier. Proper crate training may make a dog better behaved overall, as you can keep them on a regular sleep schedule.

So, if you’re looking for a crate for your beloved dog, look no further. This article will break down the best dog crates on the market.

Types of Dog Crates

There are three main types of dog crate materials. There is no single best dog crate material, so it all depends entirely on how you plan on using the crate. In fact, some pet owners have different crates for when the dog is at home and when it is traveling.

The three types of dog crates are metal, fabric, and plastic.

Metal crates are far more durable and sturdy than other types of crates. As long as you include some blankets or even a dog bed, it will still be comfortable. Plus, if your dog loves to chew, and even the best bully sticks can’t curb their urge, a metal crate will be safe from damage. They are also ideal for larger dogs.

The downside of metal crates is that they are heavy, so depending on the size of the crate and of your dog, they may not be as good for travel.

Fabric crates are light and soft. They are generally made to be carried, but likely won’t be much good for home use. They also tend to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Plastic crates are the middle ground between metal and fabric. A bit heavier than fabric but still light enough to carry, plastic crates are good to travel with. Heavy duty plastic should also be resistant to most chewing.

No matter what kind of crate you get, make sure that you do your best to make it comfortable for your dog.

Best Dog Crates Made of Metal and Wood

Have you decided that metal is the best dog crate material for your needs? You will be spoiled for choice! Here are some of the best metal dog crates on the market.

1. MidWest iCrate Pet Crates

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

The MidWest iCrate doesn’t come with any fancy bells and whistles, but it provides exactly what you need in a metal dog crate.

It is durable and easy to assemble and take apart. This means that it can be easily stored when not in use.

It comes in a variety of sizes, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect fit whether you have a chihuahua or a Great Dane.

With two doors, you can orient it whichever way you wish within a car or in a corner of your home.

2. OxGord Metal Dog’s Crate

OxGord 42 XXL Dog Crate, Double-Doors Folding Metal w: Divider & Tray

This is an incredibly durable crate, even among other metal ones. The metal is specially treated to be waterproof so it will resist full washing as well as any accidents your pooch may have.

It is quick to put up and take down, folding up easily for storage. It is small enough that it can be used for travel.

It also comes with a divider, which makes it one of the best dog crates if you have multiple small dogs. You can keep them separate and out of trouble on the road.

3. Casual Home Pet Crate End Table

Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate End Table, 24-Inch

This isn’t exactly a metal crate; it’s made of hardwood. But it is certainly heavy and made to stay in one place: right in your living room!

The major selling point of this crate is the aesthetics. It doubles as an attractive end table, making it one of the best dog crates if you’ve got a small space and need the dual function.

This model is designed for smaller dogs. You can find similar crates for larger pooches, but need to make sure that your aesthetic choices don’t override your dog’s comfort.

Best Dog Crates Made of Plastic

Plastic crates can be great for both travel and at home. They’re versatile and durable. Check out some of the best dog crates made of plastic.

4. Aspenpet Pet Porter

Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel, For Pets

This is a great travel carrier for small dogs. The plastic is highly durable and light enough to be carried easily.

There are panels on the sides to provide your pooch with extra ventilation and light, making being taken in the crate a much more comfortable experience.

5. Petmate Sky Kennel Dog Crate

Petmate Sky Kennel Dog Crate

If you’ve got a bigger dog, this is one of the best dog crates for you.

The plastic is heavy duty enough that large, heavy dogs can be carried without you having to worry about the plastic bending or breaking. It can withstand some heavy chewing, too.

It’s ventilated, and even has clips so you can attach food and water dishes.

6. IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen with Door

IRIS 24'' Exercise 4-Panel Pet Playpen with Door

This is ideal for use in the home. It is like a children’s playpen but designed specifically for pets. It is suitable for puppies up to medium sized dogs.

The flexible design means you can shape it to fit your space. The plastic is durable enough to withstand some chewing.

Best Dog Crates Made of Fabric

Fabric crates keep your dog’s comfort at the forefront. These ones are some of the best dog crates for comfortable travel.

7. Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor:Outdoor Pet Home

This fabric dog crate has a lightweight steel frame to ensure that it doesn’t lose its shape when being carried.

It has mesh built into the sides for excellent ventilation and light. The fabric is durable and water resistant.

8. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home

This is the best dog crate when it comes to giving your pooch as much fresh air and light as possible. With completely mesh sides, they’ll feel like they’re not in a crate at all.

It’s lightweight and easy to transport. However, if you’re looking for durability, look elsewhere. A dog who likes to chew will make short work of this crate.

We’ve shown you some of the best dog crates depending on your dog’s needs. Whether you choose metal, plastic, or fabric, you’re sure to get the best dog crate and keep your dog happy and comfortable.

Looking for more information, or have questions? Contact us; we’re happy to chat about dogs anytime.

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