In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best dog food for German Shepherds- everyone’s favorite working dog.

The German Shepherd breed of dogs originated from Germany and in short, they are called GSD. They are very intelligent, athletic, easily trainable, and are mostly given the position of drug-sniffing dogs, police dogs, and service dogs for blind individuals. German Shepherd owners will all tell you that their dogs are nothing less than their best friends.

Popularity of the GSD

Do you know that AKC (American Kennel Club) declared in a report that the German Shepherd breed is among the most preferred top three breeds of dog in the US? Besides their nature, the dogs of this breed look very beautiful and the credit goes to their common black-and-tan, thick coats.

Fun Fact: You can actually find GSD’s that are solid black, although they are less common.

dog food for german shepherd

What’s Here

In this article, we’re going to go over a few of the dietary concerns that German Shepherds face. We encourage you to look into these if you’re thinking about getting a GSD, so that you can fully understand why it’s important to invest in the best dog food for German Shepherds, instead of a generic type.

After that, we’ll get into some details about the top 5 types of the best dog food for German Shepherds, so you know exactly what to get for your furry friend!

Noteworthy Dietary Concerns

A problem common with the German Shepherd breed of dogs is that they are at a high risk of developing musculoskeletal issues. In most cases, the dogs who grow too rapidly into adulthood are the ones who develop this problem.

Being the owner of a German Shepherd, you don’t need to worry much because there are ways that can prevent your dog from getting this disease.

  • Make sure that your dog is fed a large-breed puppy food mix. This you should give until your dog grows around 80% of the adult size.
  • You also should add supplements rich in chondroitin and glucosamine as these ingredients provide extra support to their bones and joints.
best dog food for german shepherds

Top 5 Best Dog Foods for German Shepherds

Before knowing about the best dog foods for your German Shepherd, it is essential that you are equipped with an efficient dog food dispenser. This will help you in regularly feeding monitored meals to your German Shepherd. A wide variety of good quality automatic dog food dispenser is available in the market, all aimed to help your dog dine happily even in your absence. Keeping your pooch on a feeding routine is a must for them to stay healthy.

What is the best dog food for my German Shepherd? After thoroughly researching various options of dog foods available in the market, we compiled a list of the 5 best dog foods for German Shepherds – which includes wet and dry food options.

1. Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Health Dog Food
Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Health Dog Food

Holistic Select, the pet food manufacturer is in existence for over a decade. The prime thing why Holistic Select is successful till now is that it creates high-quality dog food that is 100 percent natural and supports the digestive health system of dogs. The pros and cons of this dog food are:


  • This food mix is organic which means that the product contains zero meat and zero chemicals by-products. This ensures that the digestive system of your German Shepherd runs smoothly.
  • It contains special ingredients like chondroitin and glucosamine and they are very effective to help the bone growth of your dog. Moreover, the joints of your dog remain lubricated with it.
  • Holistic Select food boosts your dog’s immune system. Every bag of this food mix is rich in vegetables and fruits such as blueberries and peas which means that your German Shepherd gets all the essential minerals and vitamins to prevent diseases.


  • Holistic Select is a brand you won’t find in every local store. So, you should keep your inventory updated by placing a new order before the current pack runs out.
2. Orijen Adult Dog Food
Orijen Adult Dog Food

This is a popular brand in the world of dog foods and the credit behind its popularity can be given to the real and high-quality substances present in it. This is a grain-free mix and is composed of 85 percent meat and the rest 15 percent are fruits and vegetables. This combination is biologically suitable for your German Shepherd, which is basically a carnivore.


  • Orijen dog food is manufactured in Canada and utilizes each part of an animal, from organs to flesh to cartilage to make sure that your German Shepherd consumes and absorbs the most nutrients.
  • With the presence of zinc in it, the immune system of your dog remains boosted and it also promotes the skin-health of your dog. Moreover, it helps in maintaining a good digestive tract.
  • It contains very high levels of protein which provides energy and fuel to your dog and with moderate fat levels present in it, a proper body weight of your dog is maintained.


  • Because of the rich ingredients present in it, Orijen adult dog food is a bit expensive.
  • This contains chicken.
3. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd

Royal Canin is a brand known for creating foods for particular breeds and targets specific nutritional requirements, qualifications, and issues. It is specially formulated for the needs and nutritional requirements of GSDs.


  • Royal Canin dog food is a composite recipe of antioxidants and vitamins help in maintaining an effective immune system that supports the active lifestyle of your GSD. This way your German Shepherd won’t easily get sick.
  • For maintaining a balanced and correct intestinal fermentation in your dog, this food comes with specific fibers highly proficient in digestive proteins.
  • A perfect amount of chondroitin and glucosamine is present in this dog food. It supports the joints of your German Shepherd and helps in developing stronger bones.


  • This Royal Canin breed health nutrition made especially for German Shepherds can look highly-priced (for some), so it should be purchased depending upon the budget.
4. Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adult Canned Dog Food
Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adult Canned Dog Food

All GSD owners concerned about the healthy life of their German Shepherd should invest in the wet foods line of Purina. Being a new recipe into the market, the pet owners are already giving rave reviews to it.


  • The main advantage of this dog food is that it is grain-free. You might be knowing that some breeds of dogs including the GSDs are grain sensitive. This canned dog food by Purina is completely grain-free and is equipped with high levels of protein. Your German Shepherd requires high protein to maintain healthy muscles.
  • Purina Beyond features a wide variety of flavors and recipes, all free from preservatives and artificial additives. The company has in-house nutritionists responsible for creating a new enriched recipe for dogs. Every formula created by them undergoes a test panel before launching.


  • Some dog owners have stated that their older GSD end up with loose stool. To prevent this, combine the Purina Beyond Grain-Free adult dog food with some dry food.
5. Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This is also a dog food free of chicken and gluten. If your German Shepherd is allergic or has a sensitive stomach, this will prove to be beneficial.


  • Besides being gluten-free, this affordable brand of dog food is rich in fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6). This helps in maintaining your dog’s healthy heart and also keeps his skin moisturized.
  • Earthborn dog food contains red meat and egg protein. This means it contains thrice the protein than any regular meat and moderate fat. It ensures that your GSD develops lean and strong muscles.
  • It contains vegetable and fruit-based fiber and is rich in antioxidants. This helps your pup to fight infections and diseases and keeps his immune system functioning efficiently.


  • Some clients have reported that this dry dog food is crumbly.
  • The cost can be a deterrent

These are the top 5 best dog foods for your German Shepherd. However, the kind of food suitable for your dog completely depends upon you and your GSD. While shopping, consider your budget, your dog’s taste buds, his physical condition, and requirements.

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