We were sent the Chewy Goody Box for free in exchange for our honest feedback and review of the product. This isn’t something we often do, but could tell that the box was high-quality and worthy of our review and time! We hope that our feedback is helpful to you.

review of chewy's goody box

Who was the box for?

Our 5-month old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppy, Buckbeak!

How big is our dog?

Right now he is about 25 pounds (less than half of what he will be fully grown)

What came in the box?

In the “Tails of Adventure- The Lost City of Goodies” box we received-

  • One squeaky/crinkly plush toy,
  • One Frisco brand bandana,
  • two bags of high-quality treats,
  • one beef chew,
  • and one medium sized filled bone.
chewy's goody box

Cost for the Box: $24.99

Total for each item purchased individually: $30.38

My Cost vs. Quality Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Buckbeak’s favorite: The filled bone and toy

Human’s favorite: The treats and the bandana

Chewy Goody Box Review

Here’s our full Chewy Goody Box Review of each item. Read through to see if this box is a good fit for your dog or puppy!

Aside from the cute theme and creatively designed box, I was really impressed with Chewy’s take on the goody-box for dogs. Being in the middle of self-control training with our puppy, we go through a ton of treats. The two brands sent to us are both high quality- and now they are Buckbeak approved.

He especially liked the Landmark freeze dried chicken treats from American Journey. I opened them up hurriedly when he ran away with the filled bone that was still in its plastic wrap! But he was quick to trade me for those treats, so that’s a huge win in my book. 

He really likes the other baked treats from American Journey, too, but honestly he is far from picky. Anything that seems edible becomes edible around here.

Buckbeak with the filled bone!
The Yellow toy is from West Paw.
It isn’t in the box but it is available on Chewy.

It wasn’t long before he ran back to the box and grabbed the crinkly toy, too. Buckbeak isn’t super destructive with toys so it should last quite a while even though it is small. If your dog is a major chewer don’t expect to get much life from it, though. However, it’s designed as an Egg, and when they get it open there is a “fried” egg toy inside of it! Clever. 

The only edible treat I’m not sure about is the beef “burger patty” and mostly because I could see him breaking off pieces of it that are too large and just trying to swallow them. That one might end up going to our senior bulldog, Puddles. 

As I write this, he continues to chew on that filled bone!

My other favorite in the box was the bandana. It might seem silly, but I really want him to let me put bandanas and clothes on him- but his breed is known for liking to chew and eat cloth so I am trying to get him used to it young. I didn’t want to buy some more spendy bandanas and have him destroy them so this is a perfect way to introduce him. (He’s been wearing it since we opened the box together over an hour ago and hasn’t tried to pull at it!).

We also LOVE Chewy and are happy to represent them on our walkabouts the neighborhood- so I don’t mind that it’s branded. If you’re not a fan of the free advertising, unfortunately the bandana only has print on the one side, so turning it over isn’t really an option.

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