When a cat steals your heart, you want to give them the world. Then you realize that the world is expensive. However, finding the best cat beds that will keep them feeling cozy and independent doesn’t have to break the bank.

Plus, us cat people can attest that just because you buy it- doesn’t mean the cat will use it. Finding the best cat bed for you pet, means finding the right one.

If you’re shopping for the perfect cat beds for your fluffy friend, we have what you need to know. Up first are our top 10 options. After that, you’ll find some tips on what sort of cat bed you should buy, and how to make sure your cat will want to use it.

10 Best Cat Beds Your Kitty Will Love

Let’s cut to the chase: you want to know the best cat beds to try. Start with these popular choices.

1. Cat Cave Co. Wool Pet Bed

Trend Setter: Pet Territory’s Favorite Cat Bed

cat cave co wool pet bed

Brace yourself for our pick for the best cat bed, because it’s adorable as can be. If your cat tends to enjoy curling up in tight places, they’ll love the idea of this bed cave as a cute and cozy escape. Each bed is made from 100% natural and organic materials- including the dye.

It’s not only easy to clean, but the natural components of this bed will help attract your cat to it for cozy snuggle times. Customers rave about them- because their cats are obsessed- and we are, too! Make sure to check out some of the fun designs like Beanstalk or Panda cat cave.

2. FurHaven Sheepskin Memory Foam Cat Bed

furhaven sheepskin bed

Like many pet beds, this bed is suitable for cats as well as dogs. Regardless, your cat will love the soft sheepskin covering as well as the plush memory foam base. For most cats, you’ll want the small size.

As comfortable as your cat will be on this bed, you’ll love it too because the cover is removable and easy to wash in case of any common kitty stains.

3. Furhaven Microvelvet Snuggery Foam Bed

fruhaven memory gel cat bed

This unique gel-topped foam cat bed gives your pet the same feel as snuggling into a blanket. The micro velvet material is a popular favorite among cats, and the draped top covers them in warmth.

This bed is even perfect if you have multiple cats who like to cuddle with each other. It’s big enough to accommodate several cats at one time.

4. Smiling Paws 2-in-1 Cube Bed

cat cube cat bed

We all love cats for their pickiness, and sometimes you need a few options to find the one your cat ones. That’s why this convertible cat bed is perfect.

When your cat wants a covered bed, this bed is a soft cube where they can curl up. On days when they want more space, you can fold down the top to make it a more traditional open cat bed.

5. Best Friends Donut Bed

Best Friends Donut Bed

Every cat has their favorites when it comes to materials they like to lay on. If yours gravitates toward ultra-plus and furry blankets, this donut bed is perfect for them.

Designed by a knowledgeable cat owner, this bed also has a removable cover for easy clean-ups.

6. FurHaven Luxe Lounger

furhaven luxe cat bed

Most cat beds are designed to be plush places for pets to sink into. Like humans, though, some cats prefer a firmer surface.

The luxe lounger has a firmer foam to support your cat in all the ways it wants. It also has a unique shape that allows your cat to prop up their paws or head so they can enjoy the classic kitty contortions they love.

In fact, this bed is design as an orthopedic option that’s perfect for older cats who are feeling their age in their backs.

7. FurHaven Ultra Plush Hood Bed

Hold back the paparazzi, because this bed is made for the true princes and princesses of the cat world.

The hooded bed allows cats to nuzzle in and get the hidden, cozy feeling they love. At the same time, they’ll relish the extremely soft, fur-like material that will remind them of cuddling up to their mom as a kitten.

Keep in mind that the cushion in this bed isn’t as thick and fluffy as many other beds. If your cat prefers a firmer surface, this bed could be the perfect fit.

8. K&H Pet Products Sleephouse

We’ve mentioned a few beds that are hooded and enclosed for cats that like to hide while they sleep. None of them could live up to the label of a cat sleephouse until this one, though.

This unique bed is fully enclosed with a small “door” for your cat to walk into. At the same time, it has a human-friendly zipper so it won’t become a place for your cat to hide when you’re trying to get them out of the house for a vet appointment.

As an added bonus, the top is of this bed is firm enough to be a sleeping surface of its own.

9. Thermo-Kitty Hooded Bed

Remember those heated beds we mentioned above? Here you go. Your cats will thank you for it. K&H also makes the best heated cat beds.

This bed contains a warming pad in the bottom. While it stays slightly warm at all times, it heats up to your cat’s internal temperature when the cat lays on it. The bed also has a removable canopy so it’s perfect whether your cat likes hooded or open beds.

10. Frisco Foldable Canopy Bed

frisco pop up cat bed

As much as you love your cat and want to give them the world, the fact is that some of us have limited space in our homes. If that’s the case, this foldable bed is perfect. You can fold it up and stash it away whenever you need to.

This unique bed even has a dangling toy, so it doubles as a playful prop as well.

Why You Need a Cat Bed in Your Home

A cat bed is a win for everyone in the home, offering special benefits to you and your cat alike.

Making a Home for the Whole Family

Your cat is a genuine part of your family. You love them and care for them and they feel the same, even when they don’t show it. You want to make sure they feel like family inside your home, too.

Especially if the cat is new to your home, a dedicated bed makes them feel at home. They know right away that this is a space all their own.

While there are other ways to give cats their own furniture, like cat trees, cat beds take up far less space. They’re also easy to play anywhere in the house.

Keeping the Kitty Where You Want Them

As much as we love our cats, they have a true knack for sleeping in the most inconvenient places. They might nap on your laptop while you’re trying to get something done. They could even make you nervous by laying on delicate and expensive electronics like sound systems.

Your cat can only be in one place at a time, though. A cat bed will draw them away from all those other places you don’t want them to lay on.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Cat Beds

As you continue on your journey toward buying a cat bed, it isn’t as simple as picking the first one you find online. You want to do right by your furry friend, and these tips can help you find the perfect bed.

Know What Your Cat Likes

Every person with more than one cat knows how unique each cat is. They all have their preferences and favorites.

Take a moment to think about where your cat likes to lay. Is there a particular material they seem to enjoy?

Many cats like to lay on heat sources too, like electronics. If that’s a draw for your cat, you might choose a bed that has a warming pad in it (yes, those exist).

Choose Your Size Wisely

Unlike dogs, cats have a relatively small size range. Most of them are within a few inches of each other in length. This is why many cat beds only come in one size.

There are exceptions to every rule, though, including this one. If your cat is longer than about 14 inches in length from their nose to their butt, they might be better suited to a medium-sized dog bed.

Before you buy a cat bed, it’s a good idea to check the packaging. Some of them have guidelines for what size of cats can comfortably fit into them.

How to Get Your Cat Used to Their New Bed

We all know that cats are stubborn. As curious as they are, it might take some time for them to get used to their new bed. Be patient and use these tips.

Use Their Scent

You might need to make it clear to your cat that this is bed is for them and them alone. You can do this by making the bed smell like them.

Try putting something with your cat’s scent into the bed. It could be a blanket or pillow they like to lay on. Maybe it’s their favorite stuffed cat toy.

Regardless, walking up and smelling their own scent will give your cat that “home sweet home” feeling.”

Stack and Swap

Sometimes, with cats, you need to resort to trickery.

Identify a place your cat loves to lay. It might be next to a specific window or in a certain spot on your couch.

Place their bed on top of this place. Chances are that they’ll come back to their familiar spot and when they see the new bed on top of that spot, they’ll lay on the bed.

Leave the bed here for a while until your cat gets used to it. Then you can move the bed anywhere in the home and Fluffy is likely to follow. 

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